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Hi ladies

Jackie - Ann Landors? Hardly! I guess upon reading my post back tonight, I do sound a bit like her though, eh? Haha! Well, here's a bit more and it's especially for you: First of all, let me just say that you are a BEAUTIFUL person both inside AND out! Please don't ever say that you want to hide your body just because some cute little (potty-mouthed) chick comes your way. You are worth more than just a passing glance and you shouldn't shame yourself into the corner (or by hiding behind a table all night!). As for the potty mouth itself, if she starts talking that way, do your best not to encourage her by nodding, laughing or responding with emphasis to her comments. You can still be polite, but just don't act too interested. Perhaps, she'll tone it down a bit if you keep an even keel. (Then again, if she's one of those people who goes on and on and just doesn't seem to care regardless, my prayers will be with you!!!!)

Karen - so glad you were able to pop in! I'm glad to hear everything's going so well business-wise, but on the other hand, sorry about the wieght problems. Can't blame you though, sometimes we need to take a breath or two from all the "stuff" going on in our lives. You'll get back into it soon enough and you know you can always sound off or get encouragement here.

AS for me, I worked out last night and haven't today and am not sure if I will. It's been one of those days where I've felt like I've had a hangover all day. My eyes and head have been throbbing off and on and I have been really cranky and short with everyone. TOM was last week, so wonder what's up?.........Hormones!!!! Why o why do we have to deal with them all the time?

I think I'm gonna park it and watch a little tv and then go to bed. Maybe I can dh to get on the pc and do some football stuff so I don't have to share the remote . Wish me luck! See ya next week

and (all the time...grrr.....)
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