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Back I am feeling grumpy, sleepy for sure. But I did get my exercise done and feeling good about that.

MINDEE...sorry to hear about your grandma, that is just terrible. I am glad that she is with your parents now though.

SUSAN...wanna come clean my house. Actually, it's clean today since it was cleaned Saturday. HA! I learned to read with Dick & Jane! I love Dick and Jane...too funny. I actually found some of the old books and had to have them...missing some of them. Even have a calendar and paper dolls, lol.

FRANCIE...I think the referral should still be good because you didn't go. But what do I know? With the medical/insurance crap who the heck knows.

Anyway...nothing going on. Came home after the showing today to unlocked doors. WTH? Give me a break...damn realtors. And I did complain to our realtor and plan on complaining to the other one once I find out who the heck it was. Why would you leave someone's house and leave all the doors unlocked? Especially when you came here they were locked, ugh!! My rant for the day, lol.

Just getting laundry done right now, or trying to.

I did weigh today but not counting it...changing my WI back to Saturday and quit WW. I am going to continue to try and do it at home but not going to waste money when my mindset is not there. I've got to get my mind set on losing again and not sure why I can't. I was doing good and then blah! Not complaining as I am back on track today. Did away with the ticker because I am not going to make the 6 pound loss...there's no way now, well, maybe. But every time I set a number for a loss it never fails that I set myself up for failure. Not going to focus on the scale & numbers right now...just trying to get my focus back on being healthy. So...we'll see how that goes.

Have a good one.
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