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Afternoon ladies!

Well, this week went a little better than last (thank goodness!). I seem to have gotten into the swing of the routine and getting up early and all. I was still tired, but then I'm ALWAYS tired - that's probably my dh's biggest complaint - and I've been tested too so I guess it's just in my genes. My mom has always been the same way - tired, tired, tired.

Anyway, my eating was good until dh made choc chip cookies !! I was so surprised! I came up from my w/o on Wed to smell cookies baking; and so it's been a couple cookies here and maybe several there - you get the drift! I'm tellin ya, when it comes to cookies, I'm a lost cause - they are my ultimate weakness! Needless to say, I have probably remained even this week due to them (darnit!).

Exercise has been ok, I worked out MTW and plan to do it today and tomorrow too. I skipped Th cause I was working on more Brownie stuff and my bros ended up coming over last night and I couldn't find a private place to go with a tv in it. So now, I'll have to substitute in Sun. Kinda bummed but at least I'll have all day to do them and shouldn't be too tired .

Ginny - I think volunteering to help the bus co out is very noble of you; however, be really careful that it doesn't turn into a burden for you. Keep close tabs on how you feel about it and be honest with yourself - if all is going well and they need you to stay, then stay. If you dread (harsh word, I know) doing it then simply and politely remove yourself from the situation. You have to do what's right for you and you are allowed to say no if it's not good for you. Hope this helps when you're fighting with yourself .

Anna - Take some time for youself and really think about what's best for you and your body. I know it's scary but procrastinating the inevitable only makes the situation/problem worse. There's nothing wrong with making phone calls to get information. You're not committing yourself to anything and you're getting more educated in the process. You can't and shouldn't make a life-changing decision such as yours without first acquiring all the knowledge possible. Then you can make the decision. It's true when they say, knowledge is power! Don't let fear control you!

Mel - I think it's great that you are starting to go to the gym. I haven't been to one in a long time and unrfotunately, the closest one to me is 1/2 hr away, but I always felt so good when I was there. You just have access to so many machines and TRAINERS! They really are there to help you so I advise getting one to help you determine a routine that works for you. This will also allow you to follow your progress and see results in inches, not just #s. Good luck!

I really have to wonder where everyone else is.....I miss you all and wish you'd at least check in to say you're ok. Misty - you're the one who really comes to mind. Are you and the kids ok? Spryng - did you take a vacation and I just don't remember? Karen - how's your pamphlet coming? Jackie - I know you've had pc issues so check in when you can. I'm forgetting some, I know.....sorry bout that........memory is terrible. Please pop in to just let us know ok ladies? Thanks


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