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Default Rant RE: Awful Plus Size Evening Clothes!

Alterna-K8 finds herself in the impossible position of looking for an Oscars dress under the following conditions:

1. Alterna-K8 is 49 years old

2. Alterna-K8 is a size 14

3. Alterna-K8 has a budget of $200 (more or less)

With February looming, so is my familiar Oscar predicament. My hub is a voting member of the Academy, and so we usually attend the awards (from the balcony nosebleed seats where the "regular" academy member sit!)

Thus my rant about AWFUL PLUS SIZE CLOTHES!!

Alterna-K8 is NOT:

1. A clown.

2. Mother of the bride.

3. 20 years old

4. 80 years old

5. A bordello girl in the 1800's (scratchy black lace over awful shiny red or royal blue polyester, oh....that fails.) WTF!!!

BUT WAIT!!! When I DO find something not-gross I can stomach like this:

Then they don't have any more size 14's!!

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