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I'm on my way!
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Where is everyone!

Kat I hate to see less of you around here! Have you considered eating an apple at the keyboard instead of those cookies? Hmmmm....what are those darn cookies doing in your house anyway? And...another thing...if you aren't here you BETTER be at the gym or walking 'cause if I find out you aren't and your aren't here then there will be heck to pay girlfriend!! Hey...since its nice and cool out today why don't you just take a walk on down here and visit me! That will burn some calories for sure! I know...I'm such a smart a*s!

Sara I hope your little kitty is ok! Let us know how you make out!

2Cute have a great weekend! Those grandkids should keep you hopping and burning!!

Mel...the water works wonders! I won't allow myself anything else to drink for the day until I have gotten my water except for a cup of coffee on the mornings I work! That way I know for sure I get them has become my beverage of choice now!

Baylee thanks for the info on the ephedrine...I kinda had a feeling it was the bad stuff I heard about. Its a shame because it works wonderfully! I threw it out and wouldn't let John take it either. How did you do at WI (not Wisconsin)....did you weigh today? I'm going to post my results at the end!

Mary those chocolate chip cookies will get you in trouble every time! Just like those redneck boys your mama always told you to stay away from! I married one of them...should have listened to my mama back then! I did finally dump him though!

Tina...where are tell us about Tony now! Hurry back!

Well everyone! I had my WI (not Wisconsin) today and......drum roll please!!! I lost 9.2 lbs....Don't ask how because I have no idea....I do know that I did drink my 8 glasses of water a day AND I stayed within my point range....except one day I went over but I had banked some points so it didn't effect me! I also know that this program WORKS if you work the program...can you imagine what I would have done if I exercised all week? Geeeeshhh...if I could only lose 9 lbs a week I'd be skinny by Christmas! But...I know thats not realistic!

Ok I gotta get my rear off of here...I have a house to clean, some last minute shopping to do for the birthday party, some potato salad to make, deviled eggs to make and then I gotta pick up my little guy from daycare!

TTFN Michelle
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