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Originally Posted by LandonsBaby View Post
I'm not not sure how I feel about it. She wants me to do circuit training in order to improve muscle endurance and lose fat (I actually never told her I wanted to lose fat but I guess that is assumed when you are a fat girl). Also, she said something about getting lean, not bulking. Whatever, anyway, I told her I was interested in Powerlifting one day and she said I need to do this first. So I guess I'll give it a try.

She had me do almost everything on a stability ball. I did chest press, tricep press, bicep curl and rows on the ball. I have no idea why she made me do a bicep curl. I did all this with 6-8lbs. Then she had me do lunges without weights and some deadlifts with 15lbs. She wanted step ups with 15lbs too. Then we did some pilates. She wants me to do two sets of 15 reps then work my way to 3 sets of 15 reps. I think I am going to get bored REALLY fast. I usually don't do more than 2 sets of 8 reps. If I can do more, I add more weight. I just get bored with so many reps. But then again, she says I NEED to do this before I try lifting heavy. She did tell me I could go up with the weight for the deadlifts since I usually do 45lbs.

So what do you think? Will I get bored silly and just give up? What do you think about circuit training? I uh, will admit I wasn't too keen on it. I don't know though. She insists everyone should do these things before doing their heavy weight work. I guess. But I've been doing strength training for over a year? I AM weak though. I surely do admit that. I'm a bowl of jelly.

With my husband she totally killed him. He said it was a rough workout. But I saw her have him do some sort of tricep kick back! She also had him to Arnold Presses which I had already told him in the past I would prefer he never do. But, oh well. He says it really felt difficult so I guess whatever she did will help him. I just thought it funny when I look over across the gym and I see my 6'5" 215lb (13% bf, so not a fat guy) doing some sort of tricep kickback. I started to wonder what on earth she was going to ask me to do.

The stability ball is for your core, every exceesize you do on the ball works that part of your body as well as your back and stomach so it is like doing 3 excersises in one. Circut training is desinged to keep you moving on different things thus keeping you busy to avoid the bordem. As far as the reps go for women in order not to bulk up with muscle is is better to do more reps and less weight, if you notice when you are at the gym the big guys are doing less reps with large amounts of weights what your trainer is trying to do is build lean muscle mass rather than bulky. It sounds more like you were not thrilled with the trainer, a trainer should motivate you during a workout and if it did not you should try someone else you will know when you meet the right one.

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