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working off those pounds
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Ugh, today is definitely a fat day ...i hate that gross bloated feeling you feel a piece of ham popping out of your tight jeans and least that's how i feel, especially during certain times of the month..grrr.

I've made a goal to try and post here every night, and every night I'll try to post my goals for tomorrow...even if they're small...I need to feel like i am actively doing something to get this weight off...cause right now i don't. I'm such a slacker...I was just posting in the "buddy up" thread, talking about how my issue with weight goes far beyond aesthetics. I don't want to lose the weight so I can sport a cute pair if jeans...I want to lose it so i can do every day activities with more for example something simple like PUTTING SOCKS ON. It's terrible!! I have to sit down to do it, most times Things like that..oh and squeezing into little college desks is always a fun experience...don't even talk to me about airplanes, that's a disaster.

So do any of you have similar feelings about this stuff?? Ugh, i've been really really depressed about it lately. I feel like i am invisible when i walk down the street.

So, anyways ::ahem:: my goal for tomorrow is to stay within my 25 WW points. I need to wean myself off of these crappy habits.

Take care
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