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Hi all, well, got dd to take some real before pix. I usually take them in the mirror at my reflection, and let me just go on record as saying - those images are not accurate - like they're 2 times removed from reality or something. I started with that, then she offered, and there's no comparison. Mirror photos are practically photoshopped compared to the real ones that show every lump and bump. It became apparent after that little exercise that I may be doing TWO back to back challenges.

So I finished reading those 60 pages of google finds on BFL and have about 20 websites that I can go back and visit during the 12 weeks when I'm looking for motivation. Planned my workouts and my meals.

Quickly became obvious that the workouts will be no brainer for me, and that's an improvement from where I came from 2-3 years ago. But the food! aye yi yi! That is going to be my supreme challenge. I'm like - if I can just get thru 6 days, everything can repeat!! It's my own fault for not liking to cook, or liking seafood and many other things. But man, I'm going to have to choke down that cottage cheese with my nose pinched if necessary, cuz it's here on a daily basis.

I think a meals thread would be helpful just to give everyone some new ideas. OK, me some new ideas. No one will come away from my posts inspired!

I marinate my chicken in Kraft bbq sauce. I saw some at the store yesterday that is "light" with 1/3 less sugar, so I'll be trying that. I've had really good luck in buying the quantity bags from costco that are flash frozen and marinating those frozen. As they defrost they add moisture to the bag and they are just delish that way. I used to buy fresh Perdue, which was good too, but frozen is better somehow. I guess ultimately fresher since they are frozen almost immediately. I'm also going to try marinating them in my basalmic vinaigrette dressing.

OK, off to start a food thread.
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