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I also have found your words to be very comforting. I've been doing the same thing you have this time around. I've only lost 16 or so pounds since starting in mid-September because I'm going slow and making livable changes.

What's also helped me is reading the maintainer's forum here at 3FC. That's been a real attitude adjustment and helped me think more long term. I'm 'sprinting' right now by doing a lot more exercise because I have the emotion called motivation. However, I've given myself permission to slow down when that emotion wanes. There is NO end point. What I learned from the Maintainers is that you pretty much have to keep doing what you were doing before just to maintain.

It's really hard to give yourself 'permission' to be less than 'perfect' about eating without going whole hog backwards. Just a little less perfect. For the OP, it sounds like you may want to start mentally preparing for maintenance without fear. I don't think your fear is unreasonable- it's normal under the circumstances BUT it's not the best way to live. Sometimes I ask myself, "what is the LEAST I can do and still lose a little weight this week?" and then I eat that way. If I don't still lose a little, the next week I cut back more. Maybe it's time to start experimenting with 'What is the LEAST I can do?" yourself?

1st goal- ONEDERLAND! Check!
2nd goal- Less than 194 (a number I've been stuck at before) CHECK!
3rd goal- Reach the 180's- haven't been there since 1999. CHECK!
4th goal- 180 which means hitting the 50 lbs. lost mark! Check!
5th goal- Switching to size goals now more than pounds goals. Goal is to make it to size 12, at whatever weight that happens. CHECK!
6th goal- Size 10! (can't even believe this is possible!)
7th goal- Size 8 and MAINTAIN!
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