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Angry Boyfriend jumped on the band wagon! Driving me CRAZY!! It's a long one..

Ugh! My b/f finally decided to join me in getting healthy. We borrowed a friend's scale (ours only registers 300lbs) so he could stand one foot on one and one foot on the other to get a better idea of what he weighs. He's 395lbs and motivated to make changes to lose weight. Great I think...We can do this together, support eachother, be buddies and have a built in cheering section.

What's the problem you say??? I am doing WW, just counting points and moving into this getting healthy slowly making small changes, 1 at a time. He's joined Daily Plate and is now on a 2000 calorie a day diet, drinking a gallon of water a day, going low sodium, low cholesterol, gung-ho gonna walk 3 miles before lunch!

I planned a healthy homemade chili with extra-lean ground beef, beans, onions, tomatoes, chili seasoning served with a corn bread muffin. It's too high in sodium for him, can't have the corn bread because it puts him over 2000 calories with what he's already eaten today. The chili is in the crock pot already to go for this evening but the new dieter can't have it. He can't just have a smaller portion or skip the cornbread...he's not going to have it. When I started doing WW, I didn't ask for anything out of the ordinary...I worked my eating around his cooking. I just at less of this and more of that to stay within my points. So now he's cooking up something that I planned for another dinner this week in addition to what I'm already cooking for tonight!

This is the same guy that didn't bat an eye a month ago adding an entire stick of butter to a pan of mashed potatoes despite me asking that he leave it out. (He did it on the sly)

I'm being a pissy baby, I know. I should be happy that he's joining me, that he doesn't want to suffocate to death due to his weight related apnea but I'm not thrilled about his all or nothing attitude. This is really going to sound silly but when I went shopping for groceries for this week (can't buy more, were out of $ until payday) He didn't let me know he was planning on changing his eating habits when I stocked up on my OP foods for this week. He's ate what I planned for my lunch tomorrow and at two of my 4 bananas that I planned for 4 breakfasts this week. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Thanks for listening. I'm gonna go smack him in the head now. (JUST KIDDING!!)

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