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I agree with a taking a friend that has nice style with you to shop. On the day you shop, do your hair and make-up nicely, wear some nice undergarments that fit you well and go have fun! I like Macy's, Kohl's and Banana Republic. I also look in the Jr. sections sometimes because the clothes tend to be a bit trendier. You don't have to do the whole low-rise bit (they just aren't comfortable on me) but you can maybe try some trendly looking tops and more youthful colors.

Nothing is worse than the frumpy look--the sweaters with the band around the bottom and "mom" jeans with loafers or frumpy shoes is among the worst. Add to that frumpy, washed out color in hair and old make-up and any woman (with any body) can be a fashion disaster. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I think any woman (with any body) can be put together well and look stylish and fresh--without having the "I am trying too hard" or "I am dressed inappropriately" look.

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