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Originally Posted by H8cake View Post
Thanks Robin, it does help to look at how far I've come.

How did you start with strength training? I don't have access to weight equipment right now. I should probably go nose around the exercise threads for ideas. I do fine with the cardio, even started jogging, but the strength training is a little intimidating to me. I do 30-45 minutes of fast walking/jogging five to six days a week. I've been thinking of getting some small hand weights and carrying them when I jog. Is that a good idea or a dumb idea? Kinda thinking it would combine the two and not take more time.
Remeber, you are smaller now. It's going to be more difficult to create that calorie deficit. So you need to either up the exercise, or decrease your calories or a combination of the 2.

I would definitely increase the cardio. Can you stretch it to an hour, maybe a little more? Doesn't have to be in one shot. You could break it up, do it 2X a day instead of one. I know that's what I did. That cardio really burns the calories/fat.

As far as strength training, how about using resistance bands for starters? Take a look at this link:

Though it has slowed down, you still are losing. So that's good. Just how much you want to kick it up a notch, at this point, is of course up to you. I don't know, you may want to wait til it comes to a complete standstill. Though I would DEFINITELY add in the strength training, as that will be something good to have longterm. Will definitely help you with maintenance and it will definitely make you smaller.

And may I just repeat - keep at it. You WILL get there.
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