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Nicole - you kill me. Faking sick. Love it!

Had a good weekend, didn't have anything planned except for a trainer appt Sat AM. I love weekends like that, and they are rare. I did a ton of laundry, re-organized my closet and dresser drawers, and made some yummy veggie soup.

DH has a job interview tomorrow and he's freaking out. He got headhunted from an engineering/design firm he has worked with at his current job. He's been at his current employer for over 20yrs. He's been up my butt about interviewing skills for a week now! I want him to be happy, but in this economy, I'm not all that thrilled that he wants to leave a fairly secure job. Que sera, sera, right? In order for it to be worth his while they would have to pony up a lot of $$.

Time for my morning snack! Greek yogurt - my new best friend.
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