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Aww thank you Renita!

I was looking at that. I thought if things get stagnant for me on Pure Foods, I would do just that. Either go to Diet To Go's Low Carb plan (not the regular) or do Deliciously Yours (because the food is made by the same people and it's cheaper). The guy at Pure Foods told me that he thinks Deliciously Yours got everything on track now. That they just grew faster than they were prepared for or something. I must admit this food is incredible! You honestly don't feel like you are dieting which is a first for me on any plan. I just wish that Diet To Go's Low Carb plan was as cheap as their regular low fat plan because then I could save some serious money (Diet To Go has incredible food as well it seems and their regular three meals a day 7 days a week plan is only $125.00 with shipping!

What's really cool to me is that we have options so we can simply shift to another meal delivery plan and continue to lose when we get stagnant on one (it used to be you only had Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems and that was it). I love that we have all these choices and they are all delicious!
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