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That's awesome news! Congratulations!

I am very tempted to try Diet To Go's low carb plan because I do believe that this is the one that you can really lose on. I'm not so sure about the regular one if it has as much bread and stuff as I have heard about. I have a feeling that the low carb plan would do the trick (and is probably one of the reasons you are losing so fast because low carb plans work faster). I've always wanted to try the Atkins approach, but found it exhausting trying to figure out how to do it and keep carbs out of my meals and keep things interesting. One look at Diet To Go's weekly low carb menu and this is the best offering I have ever seen! The only thing that bummed me out was the cost. It is lower than Bistro and Pure Foods, but I thought it was only $109.00 like their other 7 day plans until I looked more closely and saw that it is actually $150.00 per week and with shipping, that would be very close to what I pay now with Pure Foods. I guess the low carb plan is the most expensive one.

I do love love love Pure Foods right now so I will probably stick with that at least a month or two in order to see what I lose and if I can still look at the food (it is delicious). If I need to mix it up a bit, I will go to this low carb plan. I wish it were the same cost as the regular low fat one they offer, because I was so excited about saving more money darn't!

One thing I am confused about though. One part of their site says that the low carb plan is 1200 calories a day, but in another part it says that it is 1500 (which is it)? If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it. Also what is your weekly total for the 7 day breakfast, lunch and dinner plan for the low carb if you don't mind? Do they give you any snacks or condiments with the low carb or is it just three meals period? Thanks in advance and again major congrats! You should feel proud and thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Personally speaking, I have pretty much decided to not do Bistro because of the cost and the missing dinner each week (and the fact that most of their breakfasts are loaded with artificial sweeteners and I am very sensitive to aspartame and stuff like that). I prefer real sugar in moderation. I also like more egg dishes to make me feel full and keep my energy level up early in the day rather than muffins and donuts and stuff like that. I realize I can make my own breakfasts, but for me that's another con because I want to be able to just heat and eat and be done. I just can't see paying over $800.00 a month either, so for me it's either what I am on now (Pure Foods), Diet To Go or Deliciously Yours. I refuse to go back to Jenny Craig now that I have tasted Pure Foods. Talk about night and day!!!!

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