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Default I'm here, I'm here!

I was going to try to read and catch up on all the dirt I missed while I was gone...too daunting a task...I could barely get through this one and now you want me to be taking tests?!? I tried, three times...the first two times some ad kept popping up that prohibited me from going any further...every time I tried to close it, I'd close out everything. Determined to go on and prove meself as the non-biased, non-homophobe that I am, I tried again. This time the computer froze before I could even do the &^%#[email protected] thing. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, i DON'T NEED ANY DAMN TEST TO TELL ME HOW ME HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU PEOPLE! SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE GAY! I LOVE FLANNEL! I LOVE RAINBOWS! (I just don't like that little purple Tele tubby guy, or any of them for that matter) okay?

Now, let's move on, shall we?

We had a great time in Maine. Made a trip "across the border" to Nova lovely, simply lovely. I want to go back and stay there for a week. We managed to do and see a lot in the two weeks and still relax and enjoy the wonderful weather we had...I'll have to share my kayaking story another day. time right now.

I'm finding it very hard to get back in the the swing of things...housework, meal planning, DIET/EXERCISE! I gained about 4 lbs while we were gone...thought, "ah, I'll get that right off and then be back on track."


Tomorrow is the first day of school...yay! I feel like I'll muster up some sort of schedule for myself once they're gone. Like back to the gym, for instance. Come on, Soozie, let's get our butts back in there...nobody cares how long it's been since the last visit...just as long as you pay that monthly fee...

I really must get off my keester, go forth and be productive...One of these days I'll catch up on what's happened in how was the dim sum? how is Christina doing? did any more lesbians show up? I'll get up to speed, I promise...

See you all later, chicks!


Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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