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I eat protein bars fairly frequently for my morning or afternoon snacks --not everyday, but they are a weakness of mine. I have not found them detrimental to my weight loss, and they are easy to carry, and they are a pretty easy way to get a nice hit of protein when you need one. Since I have been so "good" about the rest of my largely whole foods diet, I justify them to myself.

However, a lot of them are high in sugar, and the ones that are not, that use sugar alcohols, etc. to sweeten DO NOT agree with me at all...I get all the side effects you read about...bloating, gas, get the picture. So I go with the ones with the real sugars to sweeten...but I am not a person who suffers much from "carb cravings" and big dips in energy from eating sugar...only you will be able to know if they make your cravings worse.
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