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Good Evening, Flowers! I am having trouble with my email . . . again! Makes me growly that I have to call the isp and jump through the automated answering system. Kids were back in school today; lots of moaning and groaning about their schedules. We are so crowded that the classes are pretty full, so that those wanting to change schedules are having a hard time. Then we have the "Fs" in required classes that have to be put in another class because they can't take second semester when they don't pass the first.

"Gma" -- Congrats on being ahead in the cleaning program AND getting your excercising done! Our license tags are due in our birthday month. Some dummies put the stickers around the edge of the plate rather than in the spot that the directions tell them.

Susan -- I could collect social security right now since I turned 63 in October. If our budget is in as much trouble as the superintendent is leading us to believe, I'm wondering if the early retirement money will be available after this year. They sent out 50 early retirement letters which are due back by Feb. 1st. I know of 9 or 10 of us just at the high school -- not all are teachers but would leave a few empty spots to fill.

I am heading off to bed after I finish here. I am tired and I have a 7:30 budget meeting tomorrow. There was an article in the paper that the school district is spending more than we are taking in. Well, duh!! Let's cut free before and after school learning clubs (babysitting) with free bus rides home at night to start with!

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- from Iowa!

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