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Coaches/Buddies I think I'm on a roll. I went to the gym today, and did the elliptical for 30 minutes. You guys know I'm not a gym person, right? 100% on plan with food, no coffee incidents even. I'm starting to have trouble getting myself to read my response cards, but I'm muscling through it because I know I need to do it longer to build the discipline for when I'm not so rolling.

Kids are back in school and things are returning to busy but normal. I got a couple new books to read. One is The Last Lecture which one of my friends is going on and on about, and the other is weight-loss related, The Instinct Diet. I finished The Tales of Beedle the Bard (fun) and am about 1/3 of the way through Inkheart. I really like to read. I'm scheduling a latte for tomorrow and am going to read and enjoy it at the coffee house near the kids' daycare for 30-45 minutes before I pick them up tomorrow.

Lily It is a busy thread and I don't think anybody does personals every day, except maybe our cybershepard. Do what you can; I often learn something just from other people talking about what is happening for them. Watch that rebound eating!

Heidi Feel tired, go to bed. Sounds like a great plan! 100% behind you on that. Hope you get your pedicure soon! My next 5 lb goal reward is a Sheryl Crow CD. I like CDs and almost never get them.

Bill Nicely done on the snacks. Raw turnips are awesome--my mother used to let me eat them when I was little.

Re: the Milky Way bulking up, LOL! Our galaxy is, hmm, very cluttered (with dust), and trying to see around it all to find everything has been challenging. I'm not surprised it is suddenly believed to be more massive. A few years ago, someone (I should know who but don't remember) found out it is interacting--eating small neighbors. And if the PI is going to use his own weight and stature as a point of comparison, he deserves what he gets.

onebyone Hope your trip to Costco was largely uneventful, and hope you enjoyed your coffee chat. Congrats on your on plan day! You should make a mental note (or a memory card) to remember how much better you are doing when you aren't letting yourself get to busy. The difference between now and a few weeks ago is striking. At least from here...

RobinW Hooray for sunshine! Spinach and brown rice. Sounds very healthy! I hope you enjoy it.

davidette I hope you get back to the gym. I'm a triathlete, and also have trouble with all or nothing when it comes to exercise. I did a major brainstorm a couple weeks ago, and am now implementing those strategies. I also made a Response Card that says something like "5 minutes of exercise is better than zero minutes of exercise." Hard to argue with that.

Kim glad you stopped in for a quickie!

Jeanie Marathon training (know that crispy feeling all too well) and terrible twos all at once. And like a day post-illness. Make sure to take some time to breathe!

Beckies, I did a review of CBDL here. Stop in and take a look--you could hear a pin drop over there. Makes me feel irrelevant. While you're at it check out this from a couple months ago.

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