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kuhljeanie I think you'll find using a neti pot is not messy. I was taught years ago (before neti pots were readily available) by a yoga instructor to close off one nostril and "snort" up salt water cupped in the other palm. Then tilt your head to the closed-off side, release the closed nostril, and the solution runs out. Now THAT can be messy. But it can give you an idea of the effect without spending any $$.

onebyone Weekly art projects? What kind of projects do you do? I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I love making things (and subsequently torture all my friends and family with homemade gifts). I think so many of us neglect this very pleasurable part of our personality. My friends and I try to arrange a craft get together every few months, but it's hard to come up with something everyone can make in a few hours, with a range from supertalented to super klutzy. Looking for ideas to keep our hands and mouths busy!

Good planning on the movie/popcorn/diet coke dilemma. I keep telling myself not to tackle too much at once. Eliminating fake sugar and refined flour, not to mention switching from coffee to tea, are goals of mine but I know my odds of success are much greater if I just do one thing at a time. I like the idea of negotiating a deal with myself; for now, I "reserve the right" to eat "bad" things as long as I'm eating mindfully!

Sounds like you are making progess in all sorts of areas; decluttering (great idea about the give-away city web site; I need to find one locally = no guilt about throwing away something potentially useful) and also the community service. Very impressive! Another intriguing idea is your breakfast by candleight I'm going to try that since I am currently struggling with mindful eating. Sounds like a useful cue to focus on being peaceful and appreciative.

angelmommagood luck with the new med, glad the doctor had an option for you to try.

wndranne Congrats on skipping your evening snack, but even more so for stopping and tuning it with whether you are really hungry or not! I've forgotten how to do that. Thanks for the reminder that's what thin people do and where we are headed.

lilyGood luck getting to the gym, I've been postponing for days now. Amazing how creative I can be with excuses! I'm putting my goal in writing: I'll be there for class at 8 a.m. next Monday. Maybe we can push each other to follow through. I sure need a shove.

landlady6Congrats on eating mindfully! I've been playing with my daughter on her Wii Fit and found that I get a higher score when I don't look at the screen, just focus on the pose! Do you watch the screen during the pose?

I found an old bracelet I'm wearing to remind myself to "credit" every Beck skill I use during the day and plan on buying a charm for it at each 5 pound goal. I considered a pedicure as my reward; such a lucious indulgence! I love those "icy" masks. Then I imagined a bracelet full of charms and decided to go for it!

BillCilantro hummus? That sounds yummy. I was just having a discussion with my daughter on growing cilantro. I have never had any luck. And it's such a wonderful fresh herb. Maybe I'll figure it out this summer. Turnip slices? Kohlrabi? I'm getting lots of great ideas to "think outside the box".

Hearing everyone reporting on their exercise achievements is getting me psyched to get back to the gym after a 3 month hiatus. I let the business of the holidays, and my black/white thinking (I'm either at the gym 5 days a week or not at all), keep me away far too long. I don't know why is it so hard to see the GRAY in things but I do believe if I keep at CBT long enough I'll learn moderation.

Thanks to all for the inspirations!
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