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Good morning ladies! It is cold and wet here again this morning. I know my knees, hands and ankles sure knew it was cold and wet.

Susan: I wear socks and a sweater almost all the time in the house. We try and keep the heat down to around 68 or so and the downstairs really gets cold. Like you, sometimes I have to wear socks to be, at least until the electric blanket warms things up. Funny thing though, I have to have a fan on for my head. I sweat like the dickens on my head.

We have to go and get the new car inspected so that when our paperwork gets here we can get the new tags. Jack wants retired Navy tags for the car, but they aren't too much more expensive than the regular ones. At least here, we don't pay an excise tax for a new car. In Indiana your tags are calculated according to the age of your car and a new car's tags are $$$$ of dollars. Ours are $117 per year. I told Jack that we will have two sets of tags due at the same time now because they are done according to your last name, not when you purchased the car.

Nothing much else going on. I did finish the body of the sweater and am well on my way with one sleeve so maybe just maybe I will get to wear it when we go to Indiana next month.

Everyone have a good day.
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