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Good morning to you all! I not only caught up on cleaning but got ahead a bit for the week so I only have dusting and vacuuming both floors. The darn pine needles have plugged up my vacuum somehow so it is overheating and it is less than 6 months old. I would like Jack to take it apart and clean it out, but I think he is afraid if he takes it apart he won't be able to put it back together again. Asking him about electricity or electronics and you have someone in the know, anything else, not so much!

My chair aerobics was 25 minutes and I walked all but the last cool down song and did it indoors in the chair, ie stretching and such so I feel pretty good about it. It is about half mile I think. My knee hurt a bit and my hips really hurt, but after I get some fat off them, they should settle down, that and walking consistently. My routine is 6 am watch Third Watch and knit, 7 exercise, 8 breakfast and then cleaning after that.

I am up a couple lbs, but no sweat. I did have some calorie laden stuff a couple days because we ate out a couple times. I am not saying I am back just continuing on.

Gail: So glad your mom is doing a bit better. Just takes what comes good or bad and deal with it as it comes. Don't hope too much, don't worry too much. We are all here for you. Jack is dying to retire. He is so fed up with working, but he can't retire until January 2016 so still has a few more years.

Susan: I have seen the little hungry monster several times on tv. He reminds me of this monster on a bugs bunny cartoon that bugs torments. Have you ever watched the tv show "Ruby" on style? It is a pretty interesting show about a morbidly obese woman trying to lose weight. So far she is down from 479 lbs to about 388. She is doing things for the first time or able to do things once again, like driving, going camping (ugh, that is something I would never do as a fatty. They would never get be out of the sleeping bag!) Besides, I hate anything that is camping and always have. Would you be willing to sneak me the potato chowder recipe sometime?

Jean: Ooh, it is cold here. I just wore a hooded sweater to walk and my hands were freezing by the time I was finished. I seem to be thawed out finally. I started out on the treadmill today, but gave it up after one song and went and got my sweater on and went out to walk. I just like it better. Nice fresh air and I don't have trouble stumbling like I do sometimes with our treadmill. Jack is the treadmill guy.

LaVon: You keep up the good work! You will get to goal in no time!

Have a good one ladies. It is a bowl of raisin bran, bottle of water and "The Sopranos" for me now.


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