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Happy Sunday! Yes...that's right...a good day it is! I had planned on leaving for Va. Beach this afternoon but have decided to wait to leave EARLY tomorrow morning instead. Mom has been moved out of ICU and into a "step-down" room. She's getting chemo in with her dialysis now. And that makes me feel better knowing that the cancer that is still inside her surely cannot be growing again. She still cannot speak because of the tracheotomy but that will be closed up (or will heal on it's own) when she can clear out the flem in her throat. I hear she's getting frustrated with her lack of communication skills. She's too weak to write but she can use an alphabet board the nurses have given her.

We've put away the Christmas decorations and "discovered" a bookcase stored in the basement that had remained hidden since we moved into this house almost ten years ago. So, we managed to bring it up to the computer/home office and now I have an extra bookcase to store more cookbooks, knitting books, and novels. I feel like we went out and bought a new piece of furniture!

I haven't re-joined WW yet but I will. When I return from Va. Beach on Friday, that following Tuesday I'll re-join. I like the Tuesday morning leader. So that's my plan.

Jean, that is one thing Wayne said while we were in the very back of our basement digging out that bookcase, "We have got to send at least half of this stuff to Goodwill!" We also give to the American Cancer Federation--they take a lot of clothes and books. I have a ton of stuff! I agree with you--don't mind driving on snow but not ice!!

Donna Faye, do you know about the website: It's a private knitting community and I'm always picking up great knitting tips...and seeing the most beautiful knitted projects. Sorry to hear that Thomas has the chicken pox. Bless his heart. Chicken pox seems like a rite of passage for kids doesn't it? I remember giving my girls those oatmeal baths and benadryl as well. I never cared too much for the calomine lotion--it is too messy and always gets on things or that could just be me being sloppy! Anyway, I hope he gets well soon--chicken pox down the throat and on the tongue sounds awful. Would ice cream soothe him?

Maggie, you have a cold?! Just got over mine. Hope you're feeling better soon. <passing the tissues to you>

Susan, I think I remember one post you posted awhile back about quilting material shopping and nothing spoke to you. That is how I am with yarn! I have a LOT of yarn stashed away. Rarely does yarn not speak to me.

Hello to all the newbies! I really am an upbeat person--I'm just going through a difficult time right now...

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