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Good morning to you all! I think I forgot to come in and post yesterday!

My poor Thomas has the chicken pox! He called me Friday night. I guess he, his parents and his other grandparents were going to go out to dinner on New Year's day and Pat noticed a couple spots on his neck. She said, "What's are these?" Thomas says, "Mosquito bites, I have a whole bunch of them on my stomach!" Kelly looked at them and sure enough. She said to Thomas, "Since when do you get mosquito bites in January?" He told her "Well, half of December it has been 70 degrees!" lol They have no idea who he was exposed to but the poor little guy has them bad. We went over yesterday and took him a couple puzzle books and his favorite candy, M and M's. He has them bad in his hair and down his throat and on his tongue so his throat is sore. He isn't itching though and I told him if he just can't stand it, put on some clean white socks and sort of pat where it itches. Kelly called out dil (nice to have a pharmacist in the family) and she said to just keep him on Benadryl and use the oatmeal baths. She said calamine lotion really doesn't work much for the itching.

I am so far behind on my cleaning I just have to get caught up today. Jack keeps telling me it is no big deal that the house looks clean even if I don't think it is, but you know me, I need to stay on my routine.

I have decided to start walking no matter what. I have to try it at least. I just don't seem to be as dedicated to exercise using the chair even though I do work hard and sweat and feel it afterwards. I seem to get up and get dressed and get out and walk after Jack leaves everyday if I walk. I will have to start out with shorter walks as we are up hill on all four sides but I am going to at least try it.

I am not going to try and do individual posts this morning. I need to get going on the house and make some progress.

Have a wonderful Sunday all!
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