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Good evening, ladies! Cold tonight (don't laugh Jean and Maggie) 40 degrees.

I had to go to work to day to finish that stupid phone...after I got done, he decided he is sending it back. Can you see the headlines, Woman Goes Postal and Kills Boss With a Blackberry Storm!

Faye, I'm up for the exercise challenge. That is now one of the Healthy Guideslines - 30 minutes a day and you'll love this, you can count housework as exercise - anything that gets you moving. I still go to Curves and I will commit to 6 days next week and 4 each of the following 6 weeks (closed 2 days each week for the holiday). I burned 333 calories when I worked out today. I don't set a number of pounds to lose in a specific length of time - I take what I can get. There is no longer a rule to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day - it's now 6 cups of liquid, water is the best but it all counts.

I get 20 points a day and am happy to say I ate exactly that according to the etools tracker. I ate 85% filling foods. We supposed to track that now. And I got in all the healthy guidelines. So I hope I'm off to a good start and I can sustain. Oh, I did eat lunch with my friends and had a lettuce and tomato salad that I put 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 2 Tablespoons wine vinegar on and 1/2 of a 8" turkey sub with Provolone cheese (hold the mayo). I've been satisfied all day and didn't even need a snack this morning or afternoon.

Also, your $15 cookbook is paper bound. The one I got from Amazon for $19.64 is in a 3 ring binder and opens flat. I'd rather have that.

Maggie, I love that bag of goodies. I jumped right in and started reading them. I will probably follow the kickstart for 2 weeks after I go to the grocery store tomorrow. Give me a new ground work in menu planning since I eat just about anything and love variety. I liked the old 1 week plan and I see those menus have been incorporated into this.

Jean, I think there are more changes than you think. Set Points won't be explained until Week 5 and Simply Filling follows in week 6, and then the additional Good Health Guidelines and requirements. And having to track the Filling Foods as well as the Points. I'm sure it will all become second nature.

Well, time to get to bed (and read for at least an hour).

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