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Personal Information:
Hi ya
i am Maria i am 36 on Thursday 4 DEC i am married to a cool guy called Chris we have two boys called Rowan 13 and Lathym 9 i live in Australia but i am a kiwi.since we moved to Australia. i am stay at home mum but i have been very sick the last year.i love to read and listen to music hang out with my mates go to the beach With Chris and our two boys they both have disability's .and my husband Chris is sealing the roads around Queensland 5to 6 days a week. Mostly away.
I was diagnosed about one and half months ago with Type 2 diabetes, still getting control BSL. Last week found i have hypo thyroid ism and of top of i have Bi polar. i am on Lantus twice a day and Glyburide and Metforminand a few other meds .i have a questions since i found out i break out in the sweats.
Diet/Exercise Regimen:
i was in hospital for week and they started to get my sugars down and start to diabetes education. I was very lucky my mum came over from New Zealand and help me get my diet sorted out it not sweet things so much it is cheese & pies etc are my down fall and the odd glass of fizzy.As i have not been well i try to go for a short walk but it is very hot at the moment. i have done one thing i stop smoking thought that would not happen but i done it.
Special Hopes/Aspirations/Achievements:
loses some weight and run around with my boy and have lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!
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