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Eric... your message (magic part) made me laugh.

Thanks for the info on GNC I will go there for my next purchase.

I have purchased two boxes (I received samples of each bar with the purchase)... and only been taking them for less then a week. They all kinda have the same 'size' and 'taste' to them... nothing wow about the flavor, my opinion anyway.

I also didn't feel any 'magic' I wasn't 'extremely' full... but I will say it kinda took away the edge (if you know what I mean) and it has stopped me from snacking in between meals. I expected to feel stuffed after eating, but never felt that way. I have tho felt full after eating a meal after eating the bar... not stuffed, but full... there is a difference in my mind. I did go one day without having any and found myself snacking through out the day (over eating). I haven't weighed myself again so I'm not sure of weight loss, I feel lighter but we'll see. I am liking the bars, they are 'blah' in taste but I can get them down because I think they do work to take off the edge to fill my face.

I also purchased his book - haven't finished it but I will post about that as well.
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