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Hi, YouWho. Glad to hear your appetite adjusted! It's funny how it does that, isn't it? Even now, I look at these portions and marvel -- how can anyone be satisfied on this amount of food? But I am. It just goes to show you how distorted our portion sizes have become.

As for getting tired of the food, I really haven't. There are a lot of choices, far more than I would have if I were cooking for myself. I also continue to supplement with veggies and fruit.

How about you? How's it going for you?

I keep thinking about trying another program, but so far I'm satisfied. And they did give me a great deal as a long-term customer, so I reserved meals for the next six months! (Fortunately I only have to pay for them as I receive them.) So long as I keep losing, I'll stick with it. 46 pounds and counting ...
Onward and downward,

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