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Eating is not going to make it any easier to quit. Cake, cookies, and chips do not have nicotine, which is what you're actually craving for the first few days. After the addiction wears off, you'll be left with a situational/psychological addiction - for instance, I had a very strong association between eating dinner and smoking. Every day for years I would smoke after dinner. This is the hardest part to overcome in my opinion, and you'll be successful so long as you plan ahead and develop a coping mechanism for these situations. Some people chew gum. Some do something to occupy their hands, some get their minds off smoking by reading or walking. I stocked up on sugar-free popcicles and had one of those if the urge got too bad.

You can definitely do it, and it is so worth it! Take it one day at a time and after every day passes, think, "I've made it a day (two days, three days). Do I want to give in and have a cigarette, thereby erasing all my great progress, or do I want to pull through and keep moving forward?"

Or, set it up as a personal challenge. "I've made it a day. Can I make it to two?" This was my grandfather's strategy when he decided to put aside his 40+ year old habit!
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