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Ruth, you crack me up!

Ohana, I hear you--I had to learn to like lots of veggies and I'm still working on some, like brussel sprouts. I adore avocado, but I understand why they might seem weird. DH has some kind of allergy to them--his intestines are very unhappy whenever he eats avocados. More for me, I say!

Have you made the Taco Bake? That's a great way to get some mushrooms in--I don't think you'll know they're in there at all! One of the ways I learned to like veggies was eating them on pizza and mushrooms are awesome that way!

Mushrooms also take in a lot of flavor from whatever you cook with them, so if you like something like garlic, try adding a lot to the mushrooms and I bet you'll find them more palatable.
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