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mmmmm, I love mushrooms!!!
Morningstar Mushroom lovers burgers are great all by themselves

Last night I made some stuffed mushrooms, here are the basics, and of course the recipe is just me throwing things together so you can alter however you wish!!!

I took 6 clean mushrooms and took out the stem, chopped the stems in tiny pieces and sauteed in about a tsp olive oil with a veggie sausage link also chopped into small pieces. then I added 2tbs parmesan cheese and stuffed all that back into the mushroom caps. I drizzledanother tsp of butter over the top and baked for about 20 minutes at 400. I made 2 servings out of this(3 mushrooms each) but used them as an appetizer. These could really be the whole meal if served with a big nice salad. I would also recommend adding chopped oinions, red peppers, etc.

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