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Default Appreciated reading the review

I appreciated the long and detailed look at Refuse to Regain that was reflected by the review above. I wanted to respond to the way the book was perceived(and I undoubtedly should have made this message clearer when I wrote the book)...

I wrote Refuse to Regain in order to attempt to open up the discussion of maintenance. There have been very few books written on the topic. In my view, a new focus on maintaining lost weight is the most important shift we can make over the coming years.

The book was written to provide just one view of how to achieve success. But just as with the weight loss phase itself, finding a plan that works for each individual is key. While I do believe that significant limitation of sugars and starches makes sense biologically and physiologically, each person can tailor this approach (or any other) to fit his or her own profile. Maintenance is really an ongoing personal science experiment and each maintainer is doing the research. What I've found is that those people who become most invested in figuring out their personal requirements are the ones that do best. This kind of intense commitment is reflected in the posts of maintainers on sites like this one. They are really exciting!

So, to sum up: I am not one of those people who feels that I have all the answers or that any one plan is right for everyone. I do, however, believe that intensity and consistency and learning about every detail of your own response to food is key to success. Let's hope that there will be many more books suggesting all kinds of approaches to maintenance from here on in. And thanks to all!
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