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I get the feeling that you're confusing the concept of soluble and insoluble fiber with "can I tell it's got fiber in it or not".

The texture of what you're eating doesn't define whether it's soluble or insoluble fiber that you're consuming. And you need both kinds of fiber - they each have benefits. Just as a very basic explanation:

Soluble fiber is ... well ... soluble. It dissolves in liquid to some degree and forms more of a "paste" (in layman's terms). It binds with fatty acids. It helps reduce bad cholesterol. It keeps you feeling fuller, longer because it stays in your stomach longer.

Insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve - it stays whole. It moves through your system faster and keeps your colon clean and working properly. If you're constipated, insoluble fiber is the way to go.

I take a fiber supplement every day. But I don't use that as my only source of fiber and I make sure to get both kinds of fiber from the food I eat as well. Like Julie said, above, I think supplements have their place, but I don't think they should be used to replace 100% what we get from natural sources.

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