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Default All fiber created equal?

I'm confused! So okay, I know that there are two types of fiber, soluable and insoluable. I know they are both good for your health. But is all, say soluable fiber as good for you as each other?

I'm having a hard time wording what I mean. So, for and example: I have lately been eating Fiber One Yogurt. 5 grams in 80 calories worth of yogurt. I like it. It's creamy and smooth and I really can't tell that the fiber is in there. I think it must be similar to what they put in Benefiber.

But does the stuff really work the same as the soluable fiber I would get from, say, eating an apple? Is it so smooth that it doesn't turn into goo and do what fiber is supposed to do?

I dunno. I just seems lately they these undetectable fiber sources might not be doing as much good as eating the same from fruits and veggies. But, I do like taking the shortcuts sometimes (like with my yogurt).

So, am I being unreasonably skeptical? Or is it too good to be true?
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