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I'm not trying to say it is the parents fault, but honestly...why dress a young girl in provocative clothing? The point of wearing provocative clothing in the first place is to display the "goods"....young children don't have any "goods" to display. Is it really appropriate for young girls to be wearing low cut shirts, shorts with a 1-2" inseam and pants that have "Juicy" written on the butt? Why draw attention to those areas? Young children are not sex objects, why dress them as such? Today's culture sexualizes children at a young age...and most parents don't give a second thought to the repercussions of such actions.

The ribbon skirt was completely inappropriate for a 5 year old. It was about 2 inches below her butt and was sheer to the waist - without any underpinnings. When she twirled, her underwear showed easily. Maybe that doesn't sound inappropriate to you, but I have a really big problem with flaunting a little girl's assets.

Yes, sexual deviants are sick...but, why tempt them into doing something awful. In their minds, it is ok to have sex with children. When children are dressed like sexy adults, it sends the message to people with a proclivity towards sexual deviancy that it is ok. It encourages their behavior rather than clearly delineate the line between normalcy and deviancy.

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