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Is it really so surprising that Halloween costumes are like this? Look what is shown on tv. There is no 'family hour' anymore, shows allow cursing that 15 years ago would have not have been allowed, naked people pop up on tv all the time (NYPD Blue's obligitory 'butt' shot comes to mind). I'm not talking about the Pay channels like HBO either. Regular tv. I caught a bit of a movie callled 'Jeepers Creepers 2' on either TBS or USA. It was 2 oclock in the afternoon. The word 'a**hole' was used several times. Movies are not edited for tv like they used to be. All but the 'F' word and the 'S' word are allowed. Just channel surfing is a hazard if your kids are in the room. In doing this once the Sci-Fi channel came on just as the woman screamed 'Die you B***h'. The more that's allowed the further they will push the envelope.

Movies in theatres are worse. Alot of parents think 'PG-13' actually means it's ok for 13 year olds to see the movie. Um not in this house. Check out what is 'allowed' in a PG-13 movie. The 'F' word is allowed 2-3 times and still gets that coveted PG-13 rating. Several years ago it was only allowed once; when PG-13 first came into being it wasn't allowed at all. Little by little the bar is lowered.

I guess I'm just saying . . . that Halloween costumes have gone this route doesn't surprise me at all. How to change things? If people would get some backbone and stop buying into this crap maybe things would change for the better.

We wandered into the Halloween store the other weekend. We won't be back because of these provacative costumes. I was never one to buy costumes to begin with because of the price so I always ended up making them. They're usually much better and way more fun. Sure my kids grumble and think I'm awful. That's ok; just doing my job.

Sorry, didn't mean to go all 'soapbox' or pirate this thread or anything; it's just that with the downward turn so many things have taken,Halloween costumes are just one more . . . and it all just ticks me off.
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