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Default Halloween Costumes - When Did This Happen?

I've never been much into Halloween, but sometimes I get invited out somewhere and need to dress up. This happened this year, so I went to the Halloween store to look for a costume.

When did the only options for adult female costumes become 3 inches below the butt? SERIOUSLY!

I found a grand total of 4 dresses that went to mid-thigh. Four. One of them was a very long (floor length) sack of a witch dress. Another was a strapless flapper dress that literally, barely came to mid-thigh (that's counting the fringe). Two more were pirate-ish/wench type costumes Every. Other. Female. Adult. Costume in the place stopped about 3 inches below indecent exposure or had a slit up even higher.

Now, I understand the appeal of Halloween for those who want to dress in a more provocative way than they might otherwise, and fully support building an industry of less-than-demure costumes for those who want them. But what about the industry for the rest of us, who'd like to dress, for example, as a regular policewoman, not a "Sexy policewoman" with a skirt just barely covering our underwear?

Don't even get me started on some of the costumes I saw for girls!

Am I just being a spoilsport? Or have other people noticed this too?

As for me, I have a short wool cape - combine with 60's style pumps, a black and white long plaid skirt, a stark bun with a pencil sticking out, and a book in my hand, and I'm a (not overtly, but still sexy) librarian.
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