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There was a cool animal planet show about Macaque's (monkeys). Aparently Macaques in warm climates have a very specific call for snakes (as opposed to their call for other dangers). They decided to see if Japanese Macaques (the snow monkeys that sit in their little hot spring jacuzzis) would recognize the call (whether it was so specific that monkeys who'd never seen a snake would know that it was a call for snakes).

When they played the call back to the warm climate macaques they'd react as if a snake was present (looking on the ground where a snake would be expected to be and showing fear), but when they played it back to the snow monkeys, they recognized it as a distress call, but not the nature of the distress (they didn't just look at the ground, they looked more generically around, including at the sky).

Fascinating stuff if you're super geeky like me.
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