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Default TOTALLY off-topic - calling all reptile specialists!

What IS this???

OK, so this deserves some explanation.

About 3 years ago, we move our lamp and find the smaller version of this creature right underneath. Well, my partner, being a delicate creature, panics. She jumps onto the counter and bursts into tears. I am similarly freaked, but ONE of us has to deal with it. So, I call my dad. And ask him what to do.

Between the two of us, we devise an elaborate trap, consisting of (no, I'm not making this up) a paper towel tube, a piece of foil, a snow cone cup, and a pair of tongs. So I coerce the THING into the tube by poking it (gripping the tube, one end of which was plugged with foil, with the tongs), and eventually it runs in. At which point I throw the snow cone over the open end of the tube, run screaming out to the street (I'm not proud) and fling all but the tongs into the gutter (I picked up the trash later).

That thing pictured? The older brother (or perhaps...grown up version?) of the thing I flung out three years ago.

I'm not girly about things, except those things that crawl. Particularly on weird bendy thin looking legs. With weird side flipper things. Also spiders. :shudder:

What the heck is it? And more importantly, is it currently outside of my apartment looking for revenge for throwing it into the street? (I'm kidding about the last bit. Sort of.)
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