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Question Crying for absolutely no reason.

This is completely non diet related, fyi.

When I was younger, like HS age, I used to NEVER cry. I guess it happened my freshman year of college I went through like a 3 month period where I cried about everything. I never really cried my sophomore or junior year but this year I'm ridiculous. It's been going on for a little less than a year now and I am seriously starting to wonder whats going on.

When I say I didn't cry about stuff before it wasn't just little things either. I didn't cry at my Dad's funeral, when my little cousin died, at graduation or when I broke up with my HS sweetheart. However, I was watching the biggest loser marathon last night (when I wasnt' puking my guts out) and I almost started crying. Anytime I have a problem and i want to talk about it wth my boyfriend I just start crying. He has never said anything but last time he was like- why can you never just talk to me without crying? I said what I always say when he asks why I'm crying.. I have NO IDEA!? Because I really don't know what it is.

I'm just hoping there is someone who maybe can help me get to the bottom of why I've got the water works turned on all of a sudden. I know it's not because I'm pregnant, I'm not afraid of confrontation so I know thats not why I'm crying. I just don't have a clue and it's just so frustrating because I used to be so strong when it came to things and now even though I feel like I'm in control, I look like a big weeny.

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