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Default Do you ever think about whether you're "pretty"?

Okay. I'm pretty sure this is a strange question, but this has been driving me nuts the past couple days, so I thought maybe it would help if you ladies gave me some opinions! Do you ever think about whether you're pretty? Yes, I mean in the very conventional sense, as in, having a pretty face. Personally, I've been overweight my entire life, and I guess I've never really given much thought to the idea... I pretty much did/do (not gonna lie) operate under the assumption that because I'm fat, I'm not pretty in the usual sense, i.e. I'm not the type of girl that will make jaws drop or that a guy would try to pick up based off of her looks. I knew that I had no hope of being "that" kind of pretty when I was very overweight, so it's never been important to me to consider it otherwise.

However, since I've begun to lose weight, and I'm somewhat seeing a "new me" emerging, I guess it's become more and more relevant to me. It's not so much that I CARE about whether or not I am, but I guess I'm just curious! It's impossible to look at yourself with unbiased eyes, and even if I could, I obviously don't have the mind of a man, so I have no idea whether they would find me pretty. I think I have nice eyes, and nice hair, but I don't like my nose, and I dunno; it's hard to determine what exactly makes a person attractive (I know I have trouble pinpointing why I like the guys I do), so how can I possibly guess if I am? I don't know if I have a pretty face... And I'm really curious. I guess I just want to know if I might actually be "that" kind of pretty once I lose weight... Whether I'll turn heads. Does that make sense?

By the way--YES, I know that being fat does not mean that I'm ugly, and NO I do not think that losing weight is going to make me love myself more, and NO I'm not going to devalue myself if I'm not "pretty," YES I have a very healthy ego, blah blah blah, so please don't psycho-analyze me or whatever. I swear I'm just being vain/silly/curious, and also wondering whether anyone else ever thinks about this. I remember a member on here once posted something about themselves like "Even after I've lost weight, I won't be pretty" and I guess it kinda stuck with me, because it got me thinking... Will I? Hehe.
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