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Good Morning All

Checking in quite early for me - just got the girls off to the grandparents' house for the day. I woke up completely in a daze this am and even turned my alarm off cause I forgot what day it was - dh came up all frantic cause he thought he'd be late. Boy, he should know me better than that - there's no one this side of the Mississippi that can fix little girls' hair faster !!

Anyway, made my version of Chinese last night and had quite a bit, actually. I don't know what it is about Chinese but I ALWAYS feel hungry again about an hour after I eat it. So rather than eat, I decided to paint all my nails and keep myself plopped on the couch. (At least with wet nails I can't eat, right! )

Poor dd (6) got sunburned under her eye playing in the pool yesterday and we had slathered the sunscreen on her! I put the aloe vera gel on her and that seemed to sooth it - poor thing I know she'll be out playing today at dg&g's, so I hope she remembers to wear her hat (crossing my fingers)!

Well today's w/o du jour is Kathy Smith's abs and thighs. I like this one cause it focuses on my major trouble areas and boy is it challenging! There's 3 levels for both muscle groups and if I were to be able to get through the entire tape, it would take about 1 1/2 hours! As it is, I can only muster the strength for 2 levels of abs and 1 level of thighs. Maybe some day............ ...........sigh!

Well, I can see I've babbled on long enough - I have quite a habit of doing that it seems! Have a great day today ladies!!!!!!!!

and (all the time...grrr.....)
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