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Hi All

Ok this really is going to be short today as I've been on the pc all am sending emails to all those people that I haven't talked to/seen in a while. Sheesh!! That can be really time-consuming - but I'm glad it's done!

Spryng - I am sending my well wishes for your dd during her operation. She sounds like she's in good hands and will be just fine . I hope your stress doesn't consume you too much - try to find something that will make you relax for a while - maybe a bath while the kids are napping?

Tami - sorry for not welcoming you earlier!! Nice to meet you! I'm Jen, married for 8 yrs with 2 girls (6 and 4) and one naughty little puppy. I'm using exercize as my weight loss tool of choice and seem to be doing well so far. Hope to hear lots from you as you get to know us here and get settled.

Ginny - WOW 800 posts is a ton!! But at least you always have good advice and inspirational words. We would miss you if you cut back!

Jackie- have a great time in the northwoods - it sounds so fun! And you need to figure out what's going on with those pc's of yours - we don't want you to be "lost in cyber-space"!! I hope your mom doesn't destroy your house too much while you're gone

Gotta scoot - lunch time now and my dd's want to get on the pc and look up some games on playhouse disney. I plan to do tae bo today (ugh! it's one of my least favorites - sooooo hard!) but what can I say? Do I want to look good or be lazy......hmmmmmm......... .

Have a great day - talk to you soon!!!!!!!!

and (all the time...grrr.....)
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