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Just keep doing what you're doing and add in oats and whole grains. Fiber really helps! Oh, and try drinking some of that orange juice with the plant sterols in it. These and exercise have helped me get down my cholesterol.

Plus remember that sometimes, genetically, some people's cholesterol is a little higher than others.

And to make you feel a wee bit better: After getting out of college (and losing 20lbs--went from 153 to 133), I went to get my physical and my cholesterol was 250!!! Turns out that even though I had been walking everyday and losing weight, I was still eating the school's horrid food. So by adding the oats and cholesterol reducing OJ, my cholesterol is ALMOST down to normal. It's taken two years, but it's better than what it was.

So hang in there! You're only 4 points over 200--which as someone already mentioned, 200 and below is desirable. Keep up with the exercise and healthy foods and you'll see a drop.
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