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Kestrel - Good luck with the food issues while your mom is around.

Mod - Yay for comfy maternity pants!!!! Ya know I never picked up knitting/crocheting... but it's not a bad idea to have something permanently next to the tv to do in order to keep my hands busy. Because, in fact, I believe that's a huge part of the continued eating.

Mom2five - Hi there! How are things going today?


Less than 36 hours until I never have to step foot in this building again!!! Wheeeeeee!

Does anyone else go through strange mental times when it really hits them that this healthy eating & regular exercising really is the new normal? It just occassionally hits me that this isn't a temporary condition. Not that I've ever felt I was going to get to goal weight & then turn around & "return" to my old ways. I suppose part of the realization has something to do with the fact that I've eaten pretty awful my entire life. So this new normal is a strange beast.

Oh well, just a throught.

Hope everyone is enjoying the very last day of September in 2008.

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