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Default high cholesterol levels--what to do?

I just got a call from my doctor with my lab results. My thyroid is fine so I don't need to increase the medication (hypothyroid) but my cholesterol is elevated. They haven't sent me a copy yet but I think what she said was that my total number is 204 and my LDL is 140. So I guess that would make my HDL 64? Seriously I am freaking out here. I'm only 29 and I didn't think I would be getting these types of numbers. I don't even know anything about cholesterol other than that the LDL is bad and you can have a heart attack with high numbers. My doctor is sending me a diet to go on. I thought I have been doing a good job getting healthy so this is really devastating to me.

I'm 30 lbs overweight but I'm losing slowly-- I walk everyday and do some strength training dvds once or twice a week. I cook nearly everything we eat and get about 30 grms of fiber a day, no juice or pop, no refined flours only whole grains, red meat 1x a week, only olive oil, vegetable oil, and coconut oil for cooking, hardly any butter, no fast food, no starchy food, and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. I get maybe 1-2 servings of dairy per day, usually 1% milk and yogurt or cheese. Oh I'm breastfeeding a 3 mo old as well. I do eat chocolate but I try to limit snacks. What am I doing wrong?

Any advice appreciated.

Oh I have to go back in 6 months to get my levels checked again.
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