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Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd "sneak" on the 'puter before the entire troop wakes up in my house. I had a hard time getting here this a.m. though! Between this old computer being at a snails pace & my DH laptop not accepting me to post @ 3FC's for some dumb reason, I had to throw my hands up in the air for awhile. I think that my ds turned the cookies off on my dh 'puter & this is why it doesn't want to accept me posting anymore. Oh well, I'm here now!! First of all: I'd like to answer Tami's question. I live less than an hour away from Milwaukee. Where do you live? This w/b bazaar,but you're not the Tami that lost so much weight as a teenager that she had to get her picture re-taken on her drivers license, are you? It's kind of funny-I'm usually the one that notices someone from WI on this website & you caught me off guard. Ginny: You sound as busy as I've been this summer. Were you able to keep the two young "lovebirds" at a safe distance from one another? It won't be too long & I'll probably be dealing with the same problem in my household. The time sure flies by, doesn't it? As for our new challenge: As I said in our previous thread, I will also join the 5# 3-wk. challenge. I'm not sure how I'll do though, as I leave for the "Northwoods" on Saturday for a weeks vacation. I'm a little concerned to leave the cats for an entire week alone in the house together, so between my DM & DB, they will take turns staying at the house. So...with overnight guests staying @ our house while we're gone, I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off getting the house cleaned & organized! I normally do an extreme job of cleaning the house anyways before a long trip, as I like to return to a clean house. With my Mom staying here, I'm not sure how clean it w/b when we return though. I call her a little tornado, as she can mess my house up just coming over for dinner! So Ginny: How was your day at the lake? Did you catch any trophy fish & did you get a little burned? I've been pretty lucky this summer & managed to tan quite nicely, with minimal burning at the start of the season. Does this happen with age, or just a streak of luck? lol
I really envy you for your size 8 jeans getting big on you. (A little jealous,too!) lol Muscle can do wonder's for our bods, can't it? As for your dd's hernia surgery: I hope all goes well & am sending out my Get Well wishes in advance. I just talked to a lady the other day that has a little girl that went through the same operation on her 2 y/o. This same little girl went through stomach surgery when she was only hours old & she made it through both operations with little or no problems. Well gals, it's time for me to start a load of wash & do my Cinderella chores for the day. TTFN
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