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Good evening!!!!!
First of all, Melissa, I think I started this thread while you were posting on the old one!! Sorry about that!!!!!!! Good for you on losing and being so motivated!!!!
Tami- no problem with getting all the names straight. I get confused a lot myself... for a while we had so many newcomers I could not keep track of it all. Just stop in and say hello anytime you like.

Spryng- I will most definatetly (sp- brain dead mother syndrome) keep you and Dd in prayer with regards to the hernia surgery. I am sure that all will go well, they would not recommend the procedure if it was not necessary. But it is tough to think that your sweet little one will be in the hospital. My youngest Dd is going to need a test soon herself for reflux, which I pray she has outgrown. If not, she too will need surgery and a week in the hospital.

Ok, gotta scoot!!!!! I hope to get back here later and address from the previous thread. Have a great nite!
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