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Default weight gain from wheat reaction (ibs and psoriasis)?

Hi Folks

I have been mostly wheat, sugar, yeast, marinated foods free since March of this year (elimination diet), and have found that my body is working so much better. I have very mild psoriasis, and was recently diagnosed with ibs-d after going for allergy testing for food reactions (I am not allergic to anything). In the spring, two weeks of non-stop itching with the psoriasis is what triggered me to start eating healthy after reading about a possible connection between psoriasis and external yeast growth. 90% of the psoriasis cleared up within a week and, overall, my body has been processing food better. Other side benefits have been clear skin, emotional stability, and weight loss.

I was reading last week about soluble and non-soluble fibre, and the article was saying that white wheat should be okay to eat. I decided to eat wheat on Saturday as a trial and, although the food stayed in my system, had a major body reaction to it with a huge belly ache and lots of gas. Monday evening, I wound up with wheat again when being in the position of having dinner purchased for me by my friends father, and pizza being the only thing offered; there was no polite way to get out of it. Again, my body reacted strongly and, even though the food stayed in, my stomach was boiling. Then, on Tuesday, there was an ice cream cake at work for someones birthday, so I had a tiny piece of it - having both sugar and a smidgen of wheat. My body rejected the food almost right away. I have eaten small amounts of sugar (the odd teaspoon in greek coffee and twice had some dessert), and small amounts of wheat (thickener in chinese food, some dusted on fish once, the odd piece of calamari dusted with flour), and normally do not show a reaction beyond my body rapidly rejecting the food most times. I should also add in here that food has mostly been staying in me since about last Fri/Sat apart from being rejected on Tuesday and again last night. Prior to that, the ibs-d has been acting up and food has been leaving my system within about an hour of eating it. Almost nothing had been staying in for a good two or three weeks. I was feeling stressed, and it is normal for my body to reject food when I get like that.

On Wednesday, I noticed a two pound weight increase. At first I thought it may be a reaction to the wheat with possible fluid retention going on as I stayed within range for calories apart from Monday. Today, Friday, the weight gain is still showing. As well, I have mild itching and am showing a few hives on my arm again - the same reactions from when I first went off of wheat. The itching and hives I know are related to the wheat and sugar leaving my body again. In the past, when shifting from a period of my body rejecting food to retaining food, I have not noticed a weight gain. This weight gain seems to be new. Does anyone know if weight gain can be caused in folks with ibs eating full portions of wheat or another trigger food? There is a possibility that I have gained in the past after a period of rejecting food, and simply have not noticed it before. I am just wondering what other folks experiences have been with this, and am open to all input.



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