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Hi there and welcome to 3FC!

I'm probably the wrong person to ask since I avoid bread and pretty much all flour products except on Free Day. For me, bread is most definitely a 'red light' food - I can't stop at just one serving, and what's more it doesn't satisfy me the way that, say, oatmeal, brown rice, or yams (more filling carbs) do. In addition, most bread has some form of sugar in it - which can tend to make you hungrier and crave more and more. Doesn't matter if it's honey, turbiano sugar, fructose - to your body it's all sugar.

I WOULD recommend that if you choose to have whole-grain bread in your diet on BFL - that you use it no more than, say, once a day at most.

If you're trying to avoid gluten - check the list in the book - there are plenty of carbs that are wheat free - not only the ones mentioned above but white potatoes, barley, beans, fruit, pumpkin, corn...

As far as rice milk - that's not an authorized carb - BTW, milk is not on the carb list either. (Just because something's "organic" or "natural" doesn't mean that it's necessarily all that good for you.) I just checked the stats on Rice Dream (a popular brand of rice milk) and 1 cup has 120 calories, 25g carbs of which 11g are sugar carbs in the original - the vanilla and chocolate flavored versions are as high as 28g of sugar.

For the best results, you can't go wrong in taking as much sugar out of your meals as you can. Pam Brown says:
Sugar should be avoided. Sugar spikes your body’s insulin level and puts your body into “fat storage” mode. Sugar creates cravings for more sugar.
Take it from me - this gal KNOWS what she's talking about!
Psyllium is a terrific fiber source, but why not try mixing it in just water, or how about in a protein shake or meal replacement shake such as Myoplex, Myoplex Lite, or Labrada Lean Body?

Have you read the book? Feel free to join us on the main thread. A lot of us also hang out at Lean & Strong as well.

Take care and hope to hear from you again soon!
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